Travel Questions

The Italian government has included in their annual budget for 2019 an accession fee or Venice City Tax for everyone that visits Venice. This information was announced at the end of December 2018 via the Italian legislation A.C. 1334-B Articolo 1, commi604-1143 e Articoli 2-19.

Unfortunately, we have not yet been given any concrete information as to when this will be applied, to which of our passengers it will apply and what the amount of this tax will be.

For this reason, we are not in a position to include it in our ticket price. All bookings which will be made at this stage will be without the city tax. An email with further information and price which will be applied will be sent at a later stage.

Should you proceed with a booking?

We believe that you should and this should not hinder your travel plans.

It is our understanding that in 2019 the Venice City Tax will not exceed €3 (three euros) per person, although we are not yet in a position to give a final guarantee.

If once we inform you about the city tax you do not wish to proceed with the booking, you will be allowed to cancel your ticket without any penalties.

Yes, this is possible. You can reserve your return ticket with different departure and return ports.

No, currently it is not possible to travel between Croatian ports. Trips are only available between Italy and Croatia/Slovenia or Vice versa.

When referring to a travel document number, generally that is the passport number or Identification card (ID) number.

No, your driving licence is not recognised by the border control authorities as a valid travel document.

The only travel documents which are accepted are your Passport or an Identification card (ID card).

Identification cards can be used as a valid travel document if you hold a valid Identity card from an EU Country.

Should you be in possession of a residency permit for an EU country, this can be used as a travel document only if presented with your valid passport.

Children under the age of 16 are not permitted to travel without being accompanied by an adult which should be a parent or a legal guardian.

Venezia Lines does not impose any restrictions on minors to travel without their parents, so it is possible for a minor to travel accompanied by an adult (18 years or over) other than the parents.

However, since the travel between both countries is regulated by international border control, any member of such governing body may request presentation of specific documentation such as a legal document authorised by the minor’s parents or legal guardians allowing them to travel with the said passengers.

Unfortunately, such controls are beyond Venezia Lines’ authority and cannot be anticipated and as such should embarkation be denied due to failure to present such documentation, the passengers in question will not eligible for refunds.

In all ports, check-in starts 60 minutes before departure and closes 15 minutes before departure.

Before departure passengers should ensure that no variations have taken place concerning the vessel’s time and date of sailing indicated on the ticket. Therefore a booking confirmation 24 hrs before departure both on the outgoing and the incoming voyages are recommended.

Passengers are reminded that if for any reason they fail to perform check-in or board the vessel in the times stipulated above, their ticket is automatically cancelled and not refundable

No this is not permitted. All Day trip tickets should be used for their intended purpose and both legs should be utilized.

If you do not utilize the outward journey of the Day Trip ticket, the return ticket will be automatically cancelled and you will not be entitled to any partial or full refund. In case you show up for embarkation for only the return journey, embarkation for the return journey will be denied and you will be responsible to purchase an additional ticket in order to embark the vessel.

May we remind you that you are not permitted to carry any luggage with a Day trip ticket, so if you show up for check-in with items of luggage, we will automatically deduce that your intention is to travel one way and we reserve the right to charge for the price difference (if applicable) between a day trip and one way ticket price as well as extra luggage charges if applicable. Should you refuse, we reserve the right to deny embarkation and you will not be entitled to any refund.

Yes, all passengers travelling with One way and return tickets (not day trip) are entitled to carry 1 (one) hand luggage of not more than 56cm x 45cm x 25cm in size and 10Kg in weight.
Please note that the hand luggage must include the handbag, briefcase, laptop, shop purchases, camera etc.

However, please note that it is strictly forbidden for passengers travelling on a Day trip ticket (Istria-Venice-Istria or vice versa) returning on the same day, to carry any luggage. Day trip tickets holders are entitled to carry handbags, briefcases, laptops, shop purchases, cameras, small shoulder bags/haversacks/ backpacks etc.

Passengers are entitled to take Check-in Luggage only if they are travelling with One way or Return tickets.
Check-in luggage is limited to 1 (one) piece of no set size or weight. This is included in ticket price and does not need to be announced at the booking stage.

Should you wish to take more than 1 piece of luggage you can reserve extra luggage at booking stage at an additional cost of €10.00 per piece per leg or during check-in at an additional cost of €20.00 per piece per leg.

For more detailed information on your luggage allowance please click here.

For safety reasons and customs regulations, we cannot accept any unattended luggage.

In Venice San Basilio there is a storage luggage facility however this is not always open and needs to be reserved in advance. For more information, you can contact +390415334734.

Please note that this service is not provided by Venezia Lines.

In all other ports, there are no luggage storage facilities.

On all connections between Venice and Croatia/Slovenia, we can transport only passengers

Yes, you can take your bicycle with you at a supplement of €18.00 per trip.

Our vessels have limited space for bicycles so we suggest that you book in advance on our online system in order to avoid disappointment.

Please note that bicycles are not to be considered as luggage even if they are carried in appropriate bags, luggage or boxes. Bicycles must be reserved at booking stage and availability cannot be guaranteed during check in if the bicycle is unannounced.

Yes, you can take your cat or dog with you, however with restrictions.

  • All animals must be in possession of the international passport for animals and should be in possession of all vaccines required by both the point of origin and the destination port.
  • Cats need to be transported in appropriate cages.
  • Dogs cannot be larger than 60 cm in length and 50 cm in height (from the head down).
  • All dogs must be in possession of a leash and a mouth muzzle. A leash wrapped around the mouth of the dog is not considered as a mouth muzzle.
  • All animals have to be announced at the time of booking.
  • It is important to know that you may not be seated next to your pet during the voyage.
  • The Master of the vessel may, at his discretion and in the interest of the other passengers, may disallow boarding of the animal irrespective if it is properly announced or in possession of all required documentation or vaccines. In such situations, The Company will not be liable to refunds of the animal and neither the passenger tickets.

Unfortunately, our vessels are not equipped with internet facilities.

Yes, our vessels are equipped with a fully stocked bar which serves tea, coffee, water, juices, soft drinks, alcoholic drinks as well as small snacks such as croissants, toast, sandwiches, chocolates and sweets.
All payments on board can only be made in cash and we accept Euros (€).

Yes, you can bring your own snacks on the ferry, however, rest assured that you will find a wide variety of items available at our bar at reasonable prices.

No, duty-free is no longer available on routes between Venice, Croatia and Slovenia

Passengers with special needs are to advise us of any requirements when effecting a reservation. During step 2 of the booking process, your requirements can be indicated in the “Special assistance” field in the supplement section.

  • If passengers are not self-reliant, we require them to travel with an able bodied accompanying person aged 16 years and over.
  • Reduced mobility passengers may travel on our vessels as long as they are accompanied by an able-bodied accompanying passenger aged 16 years or over.
  • Wheelchairs, Electric wheelchairs and walking frames can be carried free of charge.
  • Due to space restrictions on the vessel, Mobility scooters cannot be accepted on the vessel.
  • Our cabin crew will be happy to provide the required assistance, however, they are not allowed to provide medical services such as administering injections.
  • For safety reasons, cabin crew cannot lift passengers or assist with personal hygiene.

We would like to inform our passengers that the terms and conditions of our company fully comply with the rights of passengers when travelling by sea regulation (EU) No 1177/2010.

The regulation can be viewed on the following link:

You may contact the national enforcement body for your country if you have any questions regarding compensation legislation in the European Union.