One day in Venice: what to see

What to see

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One day in Venice: what to see

Thanks to our Venice day trip it’s easily possible to experience the magic of this incredible city in just a day. But what are the top things to see and do when you only have a limited amount of time? Here are our favourite things to do in Venice in one day.

1. Campanile San Marco

You’ve got one day in Venice: what to see? How about the whole city! There’s no better to start your day in Venice than getting a bird’s-eye view of the city from the vantage point of the 98.6m-tall Campanile San Marco. One of the most famous bell towers in the world, this one dominates the Piazza San Marco, right alongside the basilica, and offers commanding views over the whole of Venice and beyond. Here’s a challenge for you while you’re up there: see if you can spot a single canal.

2. Doge’s Palace

One of the most striking buildings you’ll notice when you’re at the top of the Campanile is its next door neighbour, the Doge’s Palace (or Palazzo Ducale, to give it its name in Italian). Once the residence of the powerful Venetian rulers, the Doges, this opulent Venetian Gothic building is now a museum, and tickets are available online to save you time on the day. From the Doge’s Apartments to fascinating temporary art exhibitions, there’s lots to see here.

3. Bridge of Sighs

Connecting the Doge’s Palace with the city’s prison, the Bridge of Sighs is one of Venice’s most celebrated landmarks. You’ll get to cross it on your Doge’s Palace ticket, and peeking out through its small windows, you’ll get the same glimpse of Venice as the prisoners who once crossed it. It’s their “sighs” that have given the bridge its famous nickname, thanks to a romantic notion that they sighed wistfully as they looked out on Venice one last time on their way to the cells.Venice to Croatia Ferry

4. Gondola Ride

Is there are more archetypal Venetian activity than a gondola ride? The gondoliers in their straw hats and striped T-shirts are one of the most enduring images of this beautiful city, and the gondolas themselves have a fascinating history as well. Don’t miss the chance to take a romantic journey through Venice’s atmospheric waterways.

5. Rialto Bridge

Finally, no list of things to do in Venice in one day would be complete without a mention of the Rialto, the city’s grandest bridge. This picturesque landmark spans the Grand Canal and makes a wonderful viewpoint over the waterborne traffic bustling on the canal below. The bridge is lined with small shops, meaning that it’s also the perfect place to pick up a souvenir as a reminder of your day in this magical city.

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