Booking procedure

We advise you to consult our Terms and Conditions for details, including our Cancellation Policy.

If you have a credit card, we recommend that you book your tickets online. It is really easy. Tickets can be booked on our website with our online booking system which can be found on the homepage. Just enter the desired route and date, then follow the easy steps as indicated.

You are not committed to anything until you are asked to pay and insert your credit card details, after which the final “Continue” button on the payment screen will appear and once pressed your booking confirmation will initiate.

If you do not wish to book online, feel free to email us on or to call us at any of our call centres.

When calling or booking online, please have available the following information;

Full name and surname, date of birth, i.d card or passport number.

You can also make a booking through your nearest travel agency.

You are strongly advised to book in advance in order to avoid disappointment as space on the ferry is limited.

Finally, if you prefer not to book in advance you can book your tickets at the port just before departure. We do remind you that availability is not guaranteed for purchases made in port especially during the months of July, August and September, and we do advise all our passengers to book in advance.

It is possible to purchase a ticket prior to departure in all ports however availability cannot be guaranteed and as such we always recommend that you purchase your ticket online prior to your travelling date in order to guarantee availability.

No, unfortunately in order to confirm a booking, payment needs to be effected prior to the departure. Should you not wish to buy a ticket online from our website you can send us all your details via email and we will perform the booking on your behalf. We will then offer you two payment solutions:

  • We will send you a credit card payment link via email where you can finalise the payment by yourself using your credit card.
  • We will send you an invoice for payment in order for you to pay via bank transfer.
    When effecting payments via bank transfer if you are paying from a Eurozone and you are paying from a SEPA country we please ask you to select “Shared” as your method of payment.
    If you are paying from outside the Eurozone and your bank is not within the SEPA bank regulations, all bank charges should be paid by yourself.
    Venezia Lines will not finalise a booking if fewer funds are received due to bank charges. In such cases, the balance of the funds will have to be paid prior to departure.

The travel document number is required as information for a travelling passenger as per the international regulation COUNCIL DIRECTIVE 98/41/EC of 18 June 1998 [S.L.234.25].

Should your travel document number be unavailable at the time of booking, the booking can be completed by inserting a letter “x” in the travel document field. In such cases, we kindly ask you to contact us on in order to update such data once it is available to you.

Please note that the change of travel document number does not impose any amendment fee and can be done at any time by contacting us prior to your travelling date.

Venezia Lines operates a ’free seating’ policy on board all vessels.Our vessels are equipped with 280 seats in economy class and 30 seats in VIP class.

Seating is on first come first served basis and as such Venezia Lines is not in a position to guarantee adjacent seating to all passengers, especially those travelling in large parties. Therefore the earlier a person is on the vessel the better the choice of seating one will have.

VIP class is a more exclusive and is limited to only 30 seats with other added benefits such as panoramic views, more comfortable seats, free beverage and others. Click here to find out more about travelling in VIP class.

Infants under the age of 6 years travel for free on all routes.

Children from 6 to under 14 years have a discount on ticket price (taxes and fuel surcharge excluded).

Please note that all children including infants need correct documents for travelling and need to be announced.

For online bookings, tickets are always charged in Euros (€) notwithstanding your country of origin.

Payments can be made online using the following credit cards – Visa or Mastercard. On your credit card statement, the charge will be shown as “Venezia Lines Limited”

You can pay in cash in all our ports. In the ports of Venice, Croatia and Slovenia only Euros (€) are accepted.

Credit cards payments in port can be done in Venice, Pula, Porec and Rovinj.

In most cases, this is caused by inserting the wrong number, expiry date or CCV number. Please make sure that you check all of your details carefully. Venezia Lines uses a secure authorisation process to check credit cards.

If you are sure you entered all your details correctly and you have enough funds in your card, we recommend contacting your card issuer or using another card.

Our booking system is compatible with the following browsers; Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge, Mozilla Firefox or Safari. Please make sure that you have the updated version of the browser. If you are using Safari, please make sure that all cookies are enabled otherwise you will not be able to proceed with the payment.

If your credit card has 3D secure payment, after entering payment details on the checkout page you will be redirected to your card issuer’s 3D secure web page. You will be asked to enter a one-time authentication code or password and once the details are verified by the card provider the payment is approved. In some cases, there’s no need to enter any password or authentication code. Instead, the bank or card issuer can automatically verify the transaction. While in most cases a transaction will go through without issue, sometimes you’ll see a “3D authentication failed” error message. This means that the cardholder hasn’t entered their details correctly. A 3D secure authentication error could be due to everything from a mistyped card number to an incorrect expiration date. If the error continues, we recommend contacting your card issuer or using another card.

Once you have completed your booking you should see a booking confirmation page.

You should also receive an automatic booking confirmation email. In this email you can view the following:

  • Fiscal receipt: This is a receipt for the payment which you just submitted. You can print this if you need although it is not needed for travel purposes.
    The fiscal receipt number is similar to the following format FR3-456789
  • Travel Ticket: These are individual travel tickets containing the travel information such as departure time and address of the port.
    Ideally, you print these tickets for travel. The travel tickets will be similar to the following format 221-123456ABC


We kindly urge you not to do a booking again. If you are sure you made a booking and you viewed our final “Congratulations page” then the booking is confirmed.

It is impossible for us to monitor if a passenger makes more than one booking for the same date so once a new booking is done and needs to be cancelled we would need to apply the regular cancellation policy.

The Venezia Lines email with your ticket may be found in a SPAM or JUNK folder. Please ensure to check these folders in your mail program. If you still cannot locate our email please send us an email on or contact us on +38552422896.

We can send you a new ticket at no extra cost.

Printing your travel ticket is the easiest way to perform a fast check-in as this would help us find your booking in the fastest way possible, however, it is not a must since we do not collect this ticket upon check-in.

Alternatively, you can save your email or ticket on your smartphone and present this upon check-in.

If you have neither of the above during check-in don’t worry as long as you inserted all your information during booking correctly we will locate your booking.

Please remember though that the booking contains important information regarding the departure time, location and important conditions for you to know.

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