5 Things To Do and Where To Eat in Cannaregio, Venice


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5 Things To Do and Where To Eat in Cannaregio, Venice

The largest quarter in Venice is known as Cannaregio, and you’ll find it between the Lagoon and the Grand Canal. The location of the Venetian Ghetto, it’s a wonderful place to explore some of Venice’s countless cultural treasures, and you’ll also find plenty of Venetian culinary delights in some of the best restaurants in Cannaregio. Here are some of the treasures you could visit on a wander around Cannaregio.

1) Ca d’Oro Palace

This stunning palace dates from the 15th century and is an eye-catching sight on the Grand Canal. Built for a wealthy Venetian – Marino Contarini – it now houses a superb collection of art under the banner of the Galleria Giorgio Franchetti. Make time in your itinerary for this and you can look forward to perusing works by some of the most renowned Venetian painters of all time, including Titian and Bellini.

2) Jewish Ghetto

It’s hard to believe it now, but from the 16th to the 18th centuries the Jewish people of Venice were made to live in this area of Cannaregio, known as the Jewish Ghetto. Because of the sheer number of people forced to live here, the buildings are tall, and the area’s five synagogues continue to be a focus for the city’s small Jewish population today. If you’d like to go on a walking tour of the Jewish Ghetto and learn more about its fascinating history, be sure to visit the next place on this list…

Where To Eat in Cannaregio

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3) The Museo Ebraico di Venezia

If you’re intrigued about the Jewish community in Venice, be sure to pay a visit to this engaging museum. Venice’s dedicated Jewish museum tells you all about the history and traditions of Jews in the city, along with plenty of interesting examples of Jewish manufacturing and goldsmithing from the time of the Ghetto.
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4) The Church of Madonna dell’Orto

How many churches can claim to house paintings by an artist of the distinction of Tintoretto? The Church of Madonna dell’Orto is one, and when you’ve photographed its Gothic architecture to your heart’s content, you can admire Tintoretto’s work gracing the apse. The artist is buried here, too.

5) The Ponte delle Guglie

There’s been a bridge in this spot since the 13th century, but the present incarnation dates to 1823. Known as the Bridge of Spires, it’s the only bridge in Venice to be decorated with spires – and you’ll notice its design also features some interesting gargoyles.

Where To Eat in Cannaregio 1

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Where to eat in Cannaregio, Venice

Finally, after all that exploring, you’ll have worked up an appetite, and there’s no better place to embark on a culinary adventure than the delightful Osteria Al Bacco. One of the best restaurants in Cannaregio and among Venice’s oldest traditional osterias, it’s a favourite spot with the locals and the perfect place to try Venetian delicacies such as grilled sea bass. Perfetto!

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