What to do in Pula, Croatia: 5 Fantastic Ideas


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What to do in Pula, Croatia: 5 Fantastic Ideas

If you’re lucky enough to be heading to Croatia for your holiday this year, an essential port of call is the Istrian city of Pula. You’ll never run out of interesting things to see and do in this historic city, and to get you started, here are five of our favourite excursions in Pula, Croatia.

1. Discover Croatia’s Roman ruins

Did you know that Croatia has its very own Colosseum, and it’s right here in Pula? This spectacularly well-preserved Roman amphitheatre survives in even better condition than its more famous counterpart in Rome. Once the scene for gladiatorial clashes and animal fights, it’s still drawing in the crowds 2,000 years later. If you’re wondering what to do in Pula, Croatia, you should definitely start with this.

2. Visit Pula Fortress

Built by the Venetians in partnership with the French architect Antoine de Ville, this distinctive defensive fortress occupies the site of the earlier fort of a local hill tribe, as well as the Roman theatre that provided the bricks for its construction. Its strategic position guarded the port, and it’s now the perfect place to stroll and admire the views.

3. Peruse the Archaeological Museum of Istria

While you’re in the vicinity of Pula’s fortress, don’t miss the fascinating Archaeological Museum of Istria, which was founded in the 1800s and is crammed with interesting exhibits from Croatia’s past. As you’d expect, there are plenty of Roman finds here, but the artefacts housed in this wonderful museum stretch back to prehistoric times. Look out for some stunning local examples of Medieval calligraphy.

4. Visit Museum of Contemporary Art of Istria

Another of our favourite excursions in Pula, Croatia’s Museum of Contemporary Art of Istria (known as MSUI) is a must for art enthusiasts. You’ll find this young museum in the atmospheric surroundings of an old printing works, and it’s currently home to regularly changing exhibitions ranging from posters to film. There’s a local focus to the work displayed here, and as of 2020 the museum will move to the fortress with a permanent collection.

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5. Shop for regional specialities in Pula Market

Markets are always a great place to pick up regional produce and experience authentic local life, and Pula’s busy market is no exception. Housed in a striking historic building built in 1903, it’s famous for the chestnut trees planted to provide shade for traders. Today, it’s still a fantastic place to sample local olive oil, honey and wine, and you could even pick up some fresh fruit for a picnic.

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