The 5 Best Places to Snorkel in Croatia


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The 5 Best Places to Snorkel in Croatia

When it comes to snorkelling, Croatia is a submarine paradise. Crystal clear water, an abundance of marine creatures and even submerged ancient ruins make this the perfect place to snorkel, with no dangerous species such as sharks to worry about. If you’re heading to Croatia and fancy a spot of snorkelling, read on for our tips on the best underwater experiences the country has to offer.

1. Brijuni National Park

 Best Places to Snorkel in CroatiaClose to Pula, and one of the most celebrated of Croatia’s eight National Parks, Brijuni offers unforgettable snorkelling thanks to its many natural and historical treasures. Dip beneath the surface here and you’ll discover an array of species, from fish, crabs and sea urchins to the rare and protected pen and date shells. But it’s not just the marine wildlife that makes Brijuni an unmissable destination for snorkelling enthusiasts. You’ll also find ancient Roman ruins waiting to be explored – a fascinating insight into life in 1st century Croatia.

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2. Cape Kamenjak

Snorkelling in the crystal clear waters of the Adriatic Sea around stunning Cape Kamenjak is a must while you’re exploring Istria. Not far from Pula, you’ll find the Cape on the southernmost tip of Istria. It’s famous for its incredible system of underwater caves, which are home to the rare Mediterranean monk seal. Back on the shore, see if you can find the dinosaur footprints.

3. Pakleni Islands

Hop on a boat from Hvar and it’s only a 20-minute ride over to the beautiful Pakleni Islands, an archipelago with lovely beaches and clear blue water that offers incredible visibility, making it one of the best places to snorkel in Croatia. If you’re feeling more adventurous and want to go deeper, you could try your hand at scuba diving and explore the underwater cave at Ujedinjeno Gasko.Best Places to Snorkel in Croatia1

4. Makarska Riviera

Popular for its pebbly beaches, the Makarska Riviera has numerous snorkelling spots along its 60km stretch of coastline between Brela and Gradac. Look out for octopuses, starfish and lots more submarine wildlife when you dip beneath the waves at one of its more secluded beaches.

5. Vis Island

Of all Croatia’s inhabited islands, Vis is the furthest from the mainland. Once a Yugoslav National Army base, it’s now popular for its food and wine as well as for its natural beauty. Stiniva, a small pebbly beach, is one of the most celebrated snorkelling spots on the island, but there’s lots to discover here. Check out Bisevo Island for the waterlogged sea cave known simply as Blue Cave, and don’t leave the island before you’ve explored the old military sea tunnels, which were once used to hide warships.
If you like to spend your holidays snorkelling, Croatia won’t disappoint. Why not rent a car and take yourself off to a deserted beach so that you can have the azure blue water of the Adriatic and its marine life all to yourself?

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