Discovering Brijuni National Park: snorkelling and travel routes

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Discovering Brijuni National Park: snorkelling and travel routes

Among Croatia’s most adored national parks is Brijuni National Park. Positioned off the coast of the bustling city of Pula in the southwestern part of the Istrian peninsula, it is an easily accessible destination, particularly if you are on a Venice to Pula ferry. Brijuni National Park comprises fourteen small islands, the larger ones being Veli Brijun and Mali Brijun, along with twelve islets, all laden with pine and olive trees. 

These islands are renowned for their natural beauty and have long been a favoured holiday retreat. Learn more about this idyllic destination and how to get there in this detailed guide.

Exciting activities in Brijuni National Park

The park has some fascinating features, including over 200 dinosaur footprints, which make an archaeological tour of the park a fascinating experience. The Path of Good Vibrations offers a serene route for a calming walk amid some of the park’s most beautiful areas. Complimentary bike rental is available with your ticket, providing an alternative way to navigate the park.

Sports enthusiasts can indulge in golf, tennis, badminton, or bocce, with tickets readily available at the Brijuni Tourist Service in Fažana

Venice to Croatia Ferry

Brijuni National Park Snorkeling: a unique marine adventure

For snorkelling enthusiasts, Brijuni is among the best locations in Croatia. The islands present an enticing mix of diverse marine life and ancient Roman ruins. The opportunity to spot rare pen and date shells is an additional underwater treasure you can anticipate when you venture beneath the waves.

Getting to Brijuni National Park from Pula

Park tours incorporate a tourist train ride featuring several of the park’s highlights. Explore the remnants of a Roman villa, visit a safari park teeming with a variety of exotic animals, marvel at a 1,600-year-old olive tree, and take a trip to a 13th-century church. More details about excursions and accommodation can be found on the Brijuni National Park website.

Making the trip from Pula to Brijuni National Park is an exciting journey. In this section, we provide detailed instructions to ensure a hassle-free voyage to this enchanting destination.

How to get to Brijuni National Park

Brijuni National Park Beaches: Croatia’s hidden treasures

No visit to the Brijuni National Park would be complete without the enjoyment of the tranquil beauty of its magnificent beaches. These untouched havens of Croatia captivate with their crystal-clear waters and pristine sandy shores. Here’s why these beach spots, each with its unique charm, are considered hidden treasures of Croatia and why they significantly elevate your overall Brijuni experience.

Choosing to travel with Venezia Lines from Venice to Pula, enables you to explore these stunning locations with ease and comfort!

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