Best fish restaurants in Venice: top 5 experiences


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Best fish restaurants in Venice: top 5 experiences

Steeped in rich history and boasting unparalleled views, Venice serves as a perfect destination for holidays, romantic getaways, or day trips. But this beautiful city doesn’t just offer breathtaking sights; it’s also renowned for its exquisite cuisine. If you are a seafood lover, don’t miss out on discovering the best seafood restaurants Venice has to offer.

Beyond artistic and cultural gems, and the thrill of gondola rides, Venice promises a remarkable culinary experience. The city’s bountiful local produce and fresh seafood lend themselves to creating memorable meals. This guide will take you through the best seafood in Venice, focusing on the top 5 fish restaurants that every foodie must try.

Explore the best fish restaurants in Venice: a seafood extravaganza

Osteria Al Cantinon – Savor authentic Venetian Cuisine

For a real taste of authentic Venetian cuisine, Osteria Al Cantinon is a prime destination. This seafood restaurant in Venice, located in Sottoportego de le Colonete, 2152, wows its visitors with a captivating canal view and traditional dishes made solely with locally-sourced ingredients.

Experience the “simplicity of traditional Venetian cuisine with a few contemporary reinterpretations.” From Amberjack fish and squid ink spaghetti to slow-cooked octopus and roasted eel, Osteria Al Cantinon is bound to rank high on your list of best fish restaurants in Venice.

Sudest 1401 – Fusion of local and oriental flavours

For those who enjoy fusion cuisine and are intrigued by a mix of local and oriental flavours, Sudest 1401 is the perfect fish restaurant. Nestled in a classic Venetian palazzo, Sudest 1401 combines a serene atmosphere with an exquisite menu, creating an intimate dining experience.

Expect skillfully revisited traditional dishes such as saffron gnocchi with leeks and scallops, sea bass fillet on a potatoes cream, or grilled fish dishes like amberjack, red prawns, scampi, and scallops. Sudest 1401, located at Palazzo delle Zattere, Dorsoduro 1401, offers the best seafood in Venice.

Poste Vecie – A taste of tradition at Venice’s oldest trattoria

Established in the 16th century, Poste Vecie is a quintessential seafood restaurant in Venice. Located in the Rialto Fish Market, this restaurant serves the best traditional Venetian cuisine, including the famous creamed cod, granola (spider crab), squids, and other fish-based delicacies.

Wisteria – A Michelin-star experience in the heart of Venice

Venice’s best fish restaurants wouldn’t be complete without Wisteria, a Michelin-star dining venue. Known for its innovative cuisine based on locally-sourced produce from sustainable farmers, Wisteria is the epitome of refined dining.

This restaurant, located at San Polo 2908, offers an unmatched dining experience with a scenic canal view, an alluring dining room, and fresh seafood dishes like pasticcio de passe, peat-smoked mullets, or the “pink pearl.”

Trattoria Anzolo Raffaele – A fusion of Venetian and Sardinian cuisines

Combining Venetian recipes with Sardinian flavours, Trattoria Anzolo Raffaele defies the traditional seafood norms. This hidden gem, one of the oldest in Venice, offers a cosy atmosphere and a simple yet refined cuisine that locals and tourists alike adore.

Head to Dorsoduro, 1722, to try their famous mullet roe millefeuille, spider crab tagliolini, or grilled fish of the day.

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