Kayaking in Venice: a unique experience

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Kayaking in Venice: a unique experience

Venice, the enchanting city built on water in Italy, provides a unique perspective when explored from the labyrinth of its picturesque canals. But one might wonder, can you kayak in the Venice canals? Although recent regulations have imposed some restrictions on kayaking, several parts of the city’s intricate canal system still offer the opportunity to relish this fascinating waterborne activity. Let’s discover them together!

Venice’s Kayak ban: what does it mean?

News of the kayak ban may  disappoint  some visitors who are hoping to kayak  in Venice. This ban covers major canals used by public water transport, such as the Venice Grand Canal and the Cannaregio Canal, and extends to canoes, paddleboards, and pedalos . Of course,  the city’s iconic gondolas are exempt from this ban..

The silver lining: kayaking in smaller canals

Despite the restrictions, kayaking in Venice, Italy, is far from being completely off-limits. While it may no longer be permitted on the busy main waterways, you can still indulge in kayaking on some of the smaller canals. However, this is permissible within certain hours – weekdays from 7 am to 5 pm and Saturdays from 7 am to 3 pm – ensuring you can still relish the tranquil experience of navigating through the canals by kayak despite the time restrictions.

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Kayak Rentals and Tours in Venice

Should you find yourself drawn towards the water, kayak rentals can be a great option to consider. The best way to enjoy this unique Venetian experience is to book a professional kayak tour of Venice. Several companies offer these services, including Real Venetian Kayak and Venice Kayak, giving you the opportunity to dive into the city’s charms from a new perspective while ensuring compliance with the city’s regulations.

Venice to Croatia Ferry

So, can you kayak in the canals of Venice?

Yes, you can! Although some restrictions are in place to protect  the city’s historic canals and the safety of everyone (residents and visitors), kayaking in Venice’s canals remains an enticing and viable activity. With responsible use and compliance with city regulations, you can indeed relish the thrill of kayaking in this mesmerizing city.

Dive into the intriguing maze of Venice’s canals with our informative guide, and spice up your romantic Venetian journey with our specially curated itinerary. Unravel the magic of Venice in Italy and have fun!

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