Excursion idea: kayaking in Pula, Croatia


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Excursion idea: kayaking in Pula, Croatia

Want to get active on your holiday to Croatia? Then we have the perfect suggestion for you: kayaking or canoeing in Pula! For the more adventurous traveller, kayaking offers the chance to see the beautiful Istrian coast from an exciting new perspective. If lounging around on the beach isn’t the style of holiday for you, here’s why you’ll want to get a kayaking adventure into your Pula itinerary…

What can you see when you’re kayaking in Pula, Croatia?

On a kayaking tour off the coast of Pula, your adventure on the azure blue Adriatic Sea will give you breathtaking views of this famous stretch of coastline. Depending on the tour you take, you might have the chance to explore the sea caves of the Kamenjak coast – an awe-inspiring habitat that’s home to the rare Mediterranean monk seal.
Kayaking is great fun for all the family, and it’s the perfect way to explore the picturesque surroundings of Pula. You’ll be able to choose between a single or double kayak depending on how confident you feel, but don’t worry – the kayaks used on these tours are nice and stable. You’ll have a guide with you who’ll show you the way, and they’ll point out interesting things to see along the way.

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Why not do some snorkelling while you’re at it?

Some tours offer the option to do some snorkelling while you’re on your kayaking trip, and it’s well worth doing if you get the chance. The waters off the coast of Pula are celebrated amongst snorkellers and divers, in particular the Brijuni National Park, not far from Pula. Dip beneath the waves here and you’re in with a chance of glimpsing an array of sea life – including protected pen and date shells – as well as fascinating historical features, such as ancient Roman ruins.

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You’ll find a list of companies offering kayaking, canoeing and snorkelling tours, and we’ve put lots more suggestions for things to do on your Pula holiday. With its breathtaking Roman amphitheatre, Venetian fortress, fantastic museums and lots of mouth-watering local produce to sample, you’ll never be short of fun activities when you’re on holiday in Pula, whether you’re on the land or the sea.
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Author By Luke Agius Barthet - Station Manager
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