Where do the locals eat in Venice, Italy? 5 hints

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Where do the locals eat in Venice, Italy? 5 hints

One of the most exciting things about visiting the beautiful city of Venice is the opportunity to try all kinds of mouthwatering Venetian cuisine. Dishes like cuttlefish risotto and tiramisu are waiting to tempt your tastebuds, but with so many restaurants to choose from, it can be difficult to know where to eat in Venice. That’s why we’ve compiled a few of our favourite Venetian restaurants so that you can dine like a true local when you’re here.

1. Trattoria alla Rampa

If you want to eat like a real local in Venice you have to find a small place, marked out by a hand-painted sign, in Via Garibaldi in Venice’s Castello district. Trattoria alla Rampa is a real favourite of Venetians. For an even more typical experience, we recommend going there between 12.00 PM and 12.45 PM and you’ll get the chance to have the popular and constantly changing “worker’s menu” (a pasta dish, main course, wine and coffee). The most traditional meals include squid ink pasta, ‘risi e bisi’ (a Venetian dish of rice and peas) and tiramisu (said to have been invented in Venice).

This quaint establishment starts early – 5 AM – just as the local working men who eat here do, but it closes at 3 PM and doesn’t open on Sunday. Contact Trattoria alla Rampa on +39 041 528 5365.

2. Ristorante da ‘a Marisa

North of the Cannaregio district is Ristorante da ‘a Marisa, a tiny restaurant with no menu that serves different dishes every day. A great way to sample typical home-style Venetian cooking is to go to this restaurant because it uses fresh seasonal ingredients. You will never know what you will eat until you go there, it could be meat or fish, but you will surely get up full due to the generous portions they serve.

It is open daily for lunch and for dinner from Wednesday to Saturday. You can contact Ristorante da ‘a Marisa at +39 041 720211.

3. Osteria da Alberto

Another classic place in Cannaregio where locals go to eat is Osteria da Alberto, between Santa Maria dei Miracoli and Campo San Giovanni e Paolo. It is a typical place where to eat and has been open since 1920. The very lively and welcoming environment of the restaurant, the atmosphere and the home cooking have made this Osteria a fixed appointment for Venetians.

In this osteria they serve Venetian specialities, such as squid ink spaghetti, made from fresh local ingredients, and wine with some classic cicheti (Venetian tapas).

We advise you to call and book at +39 041 523 8153 or send a Whatsapp message.  

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4. Rosticceria Gislon

Rosticceria Gislon is located behind the Rialto Bridge and it is spread over two levels. On the ground floor, there is a counter and you can eat on stools alongside the window or at small tables, while table service is provided upstairs. However, this Rosticceria is well known among locals in Venice because it sells delicious street food, including mozzarella in carrozza  – a sort of fried sandwich with oodles of mozzarella cheese and sometimes other ingredients. It’s not very expensive, maybe this is the reason why it is so popular among locals and tourists. They’re open all day until 9.30 pm, and you can contact them at +39 041 522 3569.

5. Ristorante da Ivo

There is a restaurant on Calle dei Fuseri near Piazza San Marco called Ristorante da Ivo, open for lunch and dinner. It specialises in Venetian and Tuscan cuisine and serves classic dishes such as spaghetti with clams, seafood risotto and cuttlefish cooked in ink sauce. 

Besides the great food, you may meet many famous people in this restaurant. For example, George Clooney spent the night before his wedding at Ristorante da Ivo. It is pricier than the other eateries on this list – around €150 for a meal for two – but it is definitely a great choice for a romantic dinner with someone special.

Book a table online or call on +39 041 528 5004.

Is your stomach not grumbling yet?

If you started this post wondering “Where do the locals eat in Venice, Italy?” now you hopefully have a good starting point for planning your day trip to Venice and a clear idea of where to eat your way around. Buon appetito!

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