Below you can find information about all our planned trips for 2012. You can choose to search by just selecting the departure port or the destination port, or both. You can opt to check what trips we have available for a particular date or a range of dates. It is very easy just give it a go and check for yourself.
If after you select the "APPLY" button you get a blank page, this would mean that there are no trips with the criteria you selected.
On some routes we have multiple stops, these are denoted as "TRANSIT" stops and are indicated with the time of arrival, departure and transit port.
On routes departing from Croatia, you can embark at any transit port, but you can only disembark in Venice.
On routes departing from Venice you can embark only in Venice and disembark at any transit or destination port.

To view our schedule in the easiest and fastest way, please use the program below.
To download the schedule in PDF please click below on the route that you desire:

Format: 03/12/2016
Format: 03/12/2016

Sorry, there are no available routes