Discover Umag: Istria's Enchanting Gateway and Tennis Hub

Rich in culture and art

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Umag stands proud as the first city to greet those at the northern entrance toIstria, capturing hearts with its rich history, vibrant culture, and modern sports offerings. Strategically located close to Venice, making the journey from Umag to Venice an enthralling experience, it’s a city that provides a distinct and immersive Mediterranean adventure.

The Historical and Contemporary Charms of Umag City

The history of Umag dates back to the Roman era, when nobles, enchanted by its coastal allure, chose it as their summer residence. Remnants of this illustrious past can be seen in the Venetian houses of the old town. The city walls, fortresses, and a multitude of Renaissance and Baroque buildings stand as a testament to the times when Umag in Croatia was a beacon of glamour and magnificence.

Beyond its historical charm, Umag is also a modern sporting hub. The city is renowned for hosting the “Umag Open,” a major event on the international tennis calendar. Tennis enthusiasts and professionals converge on the city, making “Umag tennis” synonymous with top-tier gameplay. If you are planning a visit,  you can find a range of accommodation options that cater to both history buffs and sports enthusiasts by using “Booking: Umag-Croazia”.

Whether you’re drawn by the echoes of history, the thrill of world-class tennis, or simply the Mediterranean’s captivating charm, Umag promises an unparalleled experience. Dive into its diverse offerings and let Umag unveil its myriad treasures.

Check-in location

Umag Port

Obala Josipa Broza Tita 1, 52470, Umag

The port is opposite Trg Slobode, the Main Square


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For General Information about Umag you may contact;

Trgovačka 6, 52470 Umag
T. +385 (0)52 741 363
F. +385 (0)52 741 649