The 5 Most Romantic Destinations in Croatia You Cannot Miss


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The 5 Most Romantic Destinations in Croatia You Cannot Miss

Croatia – the romantic pearl of the Adriatic – offers plenty of options for a getaway with your significant other.

Whether relaxing on an enchanting beach or strolling through quaint little towns, you can be sure to create plenty of unforgettable romantic memories in Croatia.

You’ll be mesmerized by the beautiful sea and towns, the scenic countryside, and delectable cuisine. Indeed, no matter which region you choose to visit, you’ll find plenty to see and do. You’ll be spoiled for choice with all the gardens, castles, golden sand or white-pebble beaches, picturesque harbors, and charming hotels.

So, let’s seewhere to holiday in Croatia for couples.

Croatia’s Top 5 Romantic Destinations You Cannot Miss

1. Dubrovnik the Romantic

Any list of the most romantic destinations in Croatia must begin with Dubrovnik.

After leaving the long war behind, Dubrovnik is thriving again, much to the delight of locals and tourists.

It’s the epitome of romance in Croatia, thanks to its secluded little beaches where you can relax and admire stunning sunsets. But Dubrovnik is so much more than beaches and beautiful sea.

This city will enchant you with its history and architecture. You can enjoy plenty of sweet lovey-dovey moments strolling along the medieval walls. And from here, you can easily get to Lokrum island by boat and explore its kiss trail.

2. Crikvenica, the City of Love

If there’s a perfect place to be in love, that’s Crikvenica, only 100 km (62 miles) away from Trieste.

This lovely coastal town was originally built to house a monastery and evolved into a fishing village over the years. Here you can find beautiful pebble and sandy beaches and crystal clear water.

Crikvenica is full of romantic spots, like the Love Path, an 8 km (5 mi) trail created in the 1930s. A walk along this trail hand in hand with your significant other will provide a perfect blend of lush vegetation and cultural and historical sites.

But there’s more. Crikvenica even has a kissing map created by an artist collective to spread the message of love. Follow this map to get to 10 locations marked as a Good Kissing Spot.

3. Zadar, Vibrant and Romantic

Zadar also makes it to the podium of Croatia’s best destinations for couples, and rightfully so.

This vibrant and culturally attractive city will amaze you with its museums, art galleries, and famous installations, including the Sea Organ and the Greeting to the Sun by architect Nikola Bašić.

These truly unique projects combine human ingenuity and nature’s light and sounds.

But Zadar is also known as the city of sunsets. It’s the perfect place to watch the sun go down in a spectacular display of color, especially shades of pink.

4. Opatija, the Diamond of the Kvarner Bay

Opatija lies at the foot of Mount Učka, only 70 km (43 mi) from Trieste.

Dubbed as the pearl of the Istrian Peninsula, it can be easily reached from Pula, where many ferries from Venice dock.

Opatija has a vibrant year-round calendar of theatre shows, concerts, and exhibitions. And it’s the ideal destination for couples in love with plenty of romantic restaurants and hotels to choose from.

Located in the Kvarner Bay, Opatija has a mild climate all year round and attracts couples with its beautiful nature and 12-km (7.5 mi) seafront promenade locally known as the Lungomare.

Can you think of a better place to enjoy lunch or drink with your significant other than a sea-view terrace surrounded by Kvarner Bay’s clear blue water and lush green vegetation?

5. Rovinj, the City of Romance

No list of Croatia’s best romantic destinations for couples would be complete without Rovinj.

Its beautiful coast dotted with 4-star hotels and fine-dining restaurants makes it the romantic city par excellence. If you’re a demanding vacationer, this is the destination for you.

But make no mistake: Rovinj’s chic and luxurious vibe doesn’t make it any less authentic. Quite the opposite. This enchanting city offers a romantic atmosphere like no other.

The imposing church of St. Euphemia, the old town’s narrow roads, colorful houses, and the turquoise sea make the perfect setting for a romantic getaway. And the delicious local cuisine makes it also a foodie paradise.

There are plenty of romantic things to do here, including a ride in a traditional batana boat, perfect for admiring the coast, little islands, and an enthralling view of the city from the sea.

Indeed, Rovinj is one of Croatia’s most romantic destinations and can be easily reached thanks to Venezia Lines’ Venice to Rovinj ferry. A few hours’ ferry crossing is all it takes to get from one city of romance to the other.

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