In search of dolphins in Croatia


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In search of dolphins in Croatia

Have you always wanted to swim with dolphins? Or just catch sight of these beautiful creatures as they swim alongside your boat? If you’re heading to Croatia on holiday, you’re in luck. In Croatia, dolphin watching is a bucket list item you might be lucky enough to tick off if you head out on an unforgettable dolphin watching boat trip. Let’s find out more about this magical thing to do while you’re in Croatia.

Where to see dolphins, Croatia

They’re found in many parts of the Adriatic, but the best place to see dolphins in Croatia is in the area surrounding the islands of Cres and Losinj, and slightly further north around the Istrian resort of Porec. In Croatia, dolphin watching trips are frequently rewarded with sightings of the delightfully intelligent bottlenose dolphin, and, following conservation efforts, there’s also a possibility of seeing the rarer common dolphin.

Dolphins travel around in pods, and seem to take great joy in swimming alongside boats and ships, perhaps even jumping out of the water. On one memorable occasion not long ago, a dolphin was even recorded swimming with tourists not far from Dubrovnik.

Croatia dolphin-watching tripsIn search of dolphins in Croatia

Wondering where to find dolphins in Croatia? One of the best places to see them is off the Istrian coast,  reachable thanks to Venezia Lines’ ferry from Venice to Croatia. There are numerous dolphin watching boat excursions available from the resort town of Porec – the perfect addition to your adventures in Istria.
Venice to Croatia Ferry

For an extra-magical experience, why not hop on a boat in the early evening and head out in search of dolphins at sunset? These tours are run by a number of different operators and are also a great way to enjoy sweeping views of the Porec Riviera with a glass of wine or juice while you’re on the lookout for dolphins.

There are few experiences more memorable than seeing dolphins in the wild, so if you’re on holiday in Croatia, don’t miss the chance to sign up for a dolphin watching boat trip and get up close to these fascinating creatures. And finally, if you’re in Porec, check out our previous post for even more wonderful things to do while you’re there.

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